Kerbside plastic recycling to end this month

After the toughest budget East Cambridgeshire District Council has ever faced, the Council is now having to implement the service cuts it needs to balance its budget.

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Kerbside plastic recycling to end this month

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  1. Pete Hulyer
    Pete Hulyer says:

    Unbelievable… WHY ??

    So it is better that all the plastic is now sent to landfill or that fossil fuels are burnt to transport to the woefully few recycling centres !!!!!

    I would suggest some thought on spending less money spent on travellers and more on recycling would be greeted with a deal of sympathy!

    I appreciate that you cannot keep all of the people happy all of the time but this decision beggars belief… can we have an explanation and see the numbers ??

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