Planning for future parking in East Cambs





The issue of parking in East Cambridgeshire is to be progressed next week as Councillors look at how to deliver an effective on and off street parking scheme and save money.

The Car Park Working Party at East Cambridgeshire District Council meets on Wednesday 10 November to discuss the work which has taken place so far on Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) and off-street parking.

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The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Planning for future parking in East Cambs

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  1. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    Where I live you need to refer to on and off pavement parking..too many people with adequate garaging and drives are using public verges and pavements as parking bays. When will authorities start patrolling and approaching the perpertrators of this nuisance in outer Ely estates?

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