A10 Set To Get Lower Speed Limit

A lower speed limit of 50mph is proposed for the A10 between Ely and Cambridge which has seen 96 injury accidents in the last three years.

The road was assessed under new national guidelines and found to meet the criteria for a reduction from 60mph to 50mph.

Speed tests also showed on average traffic was travelling around the 50mph mark in the stretches of road which currently have a 60mph limit.

The current 40mph from the A1123 roundabout to Stretham will remain the same.

The order to reduce the limit will be published and residents will be able to raise any objections.

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Steve Criswell, Cabinet Member for Community Infrastructure, said: “This is part of our countywide review of speed limits following national guidelines on reducing speeds. There are a number of villages along this route and nearly 100 injury accidents in the last three years. Anyone who drives this road knows how congested it gets and the accidents that are on there, it is hoped the new speed limit will improve this.”