Ely Runners Beginners course

About the course:
The 10-week course has been put together by coaches at England Athletics with the aim of introducing you to running in a safe and enjoyable way. We’ll start with some gentle walk/jog sessions, and hopefully by the end of the 10-weeks you’ll be able to run 5 kilometres (just over 3miles) – or perhaps even further!! Along the way we’ll give you advice on footwear and clothing and show you some stretches to help you stay injury free. The course lasts for 10-weeks and will start on Tuesday 17th July at 7pm. We’ll meet at the Paradise Centre in Ely – initially sessions will be held on the sports field behind the centre. We’ll then meet at the same time and place for the remaining 9-weeks. The course costs £10.

What do I need to wear?
You don’t need lots of kit to start running, but it’s important that you’re comfortable in what you’rewearing. It can be warm at this time of year – so either shorts or lightweight jogging bottoms would be ideal. During sessions you’re likely to get quite warm – so a short-sleeve T-shirt would be sensible with a lightweight long sleeve top for before/afterwards. Given the recent inclement weather it mayalso be worth obtaining a shower-proof jacket (about £10 from JJB or Sports Direct). You can buy perfectly good running clothing quite cheaply from big chains like JJB or Sports Direct (Cambridge Retail Park). If you want to spend a bit more, Advance Performance or the Sweatshop in Cambridge provide a very good service. You don’t need special trainers to get started as you won’t be running long distances just yet. A running shoe is best but cross-trainers like you would wear to the gym would also be fine to get you started.

Who leads the course?
The course will be led by qualified coaches from Ely Runners. They’re all experienced runners now, but they were beginners themselves once upon a time. All of our coaches will be happy to shareadvice and tales of their own running experiences (you can probably count on the latter)!!

What happens after the course?
At the end of the 10-week course we welcome you to join us at the free Cambridge Parkrun (5k) event at Milton Country Park in Cambridge (Saturday 22 nd September). This will provide you with an opportunity to see what a difference 10 weeks can make!! If you decide you’d like to continue running then you’ll also have the opportunity of joining Ely Runners at the discounted price of £35 (a £10 discount – i.e. the cost of your course). Visit Ely Runners website for further details.

What is Run England?
Run England is a part of England Athletics and was set up to try and encourage more people to try running in a completely non-competitive way. They aim to remove barriers to participation so that anyone can ‘give it a go’.

What is the Ely Runners Beginners group?
Run England have set up a network of running groups around the country that are just about running for fitness and enjoyment without any pressure to be fast or enter races. Ely Runners are setting upone of these groups.

If you decide to give the course a try, just complete the attached registration form and send with a cheque for £10 made payable to ‘Ely Runners’ to: Steve Tovey, Secretary Ely Runners, 19 Merivale Way, Ely, Cambs, CB7 4GQ