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Ely Standstill

So there I was. Just arriving at Kings Cross with no idea of what was going on apart from the constant siren noises which frankly are part of London commuters’ life every day. After being whisked off to Pentonville Road I remember being asked what exactly had happened. Even as a journalist I had no […]

Ely’s Cinema Success

After its grand unveiling at the start of the month, Ely’s cinema is shaping up to be a huge success. Under the nurturing wing of ADeC the cinema at The Maltings is fast becoming a great way to spend a summer evening. The range of films is astounding; so far I have seen a French […]

Malcolm Gaskill Talks In Ely

As I raced through Kings Cross to get my train back to the Isle of Ely, only one thought was in my head. Besides my murderous anger at those wheelie suitcases. If I get this train I can be back in time for Gaskill’s talk. And I was. Just. Racing up Back Hill, I arrived […]

Maltings Cinema Launch

As the ‘The Maltings’ cinema (now known as the ADeC Cinema) reopens next month here is a quick roundup of not-to-be-missed titles. Only an independent cinema can carry such a range of titles and genres without the over expensive popcorn salted dross. The cinema reopens on June 1st at 5pm with a film for any […]

Election Fever

After weeks of being bombarded with election news, the day has finally arrived. The good, and for that matter the not-so good, citizens of Ely must walk to a random church or village hall and make their choice. Or at least that is what you should be doing. As a young-ish person I am constantly […]

Barracuda to invade Ely

The Barracuda pub chain are set to make Ely their next home. The successful pub chain will open on the former Cutlacks site, Market Street. The pub promises cheap drinks and food for locals and tourists of the city. There is concern that the chain’s cheap prices will take trade away from existing public houses. […]

Electric Eels

The Maltings complex has found a way to keep Ely’s teenagers from following the route of their predecessors in buying an old, loud car and terrorising the streets at night by racing round and round the city centre. Every one or two months the Maltings, in association with ADeC and the Babylon gallery, hosts an […]