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Ely Folk Festival Review 2010

Image: John Glover

From humble beginnings in 1985 when Ely first hosted its ‘Folk Day’ (ticket price £4.50), through years of the ‘Folk Weekend’ which was held in various venues throughout the City, to the Pocket Park Years the festival always retained a unique essence. The move to the Outdoor Centre in 2000 and the inclusion of more concerts, dances and workshops has not diminished that certain something that Ely has. As my Uncle Google says, ‘Licentia Puteus Unus’*

And so, to 2010, the Silver Anniversary of the Festival. With my Sun Dance instructions safely tucked away, the temperature at 35 degrees on the car gauge and 42 under my armpits, I set off for the festival.

Ely Folk Festival Review 2009

Image: John Glover

The Ely Online team ventured once again to The Ely Folk Festival to, hopefully, capture the spirit of the event. With myself (John Glover – pictured right) on pencil and paper and Karl Bedingfield (the camera) we hope to give you a slice of the festival from a non-folkie perspective. Holly and Mike were our ears and eyes on site and completed the Ely Online team. This, the 24th Festival, had a great line-up and the prospect of some decent weather. For my take of the Festival, read on:

Ely Folk Festival Review 2008

Armed with stubby pencils, scraps of paper and a camera Ely Online once again ventured down to The Ely Folk Festival to capture the spirit of the event. With me (John Glover) on words and Karl Bedingfield (on the piccies) we hope to give you a slice of the weekend from a non-folkie angle. Holly […]

Ely, Your Football Club Needs You!

A Plea To The Citizens of Ely In the 70’s when I was still a keen reader of ‘Shoot’, the only kids football magazine available at the time, I remember reading a statistic about Burnley Football Club. At the time the population of the town was about 80,000 and they were regularly getting gates of […]

Ely Folk Festival Review 2007

There’s an old Neil Young album recorded at some Mudfest or other in the 70’s where he tries a spot of weather manipulation with the crowd. ‘Maybe if we all shout loud enough we can stop this rain!’ he implores the throng. Needless to say, it didn’t work and they all got trench foot and […]

How To Win Euro 2008 On The Cheap

This hasn’t anything to do with Ely but after last night’s game I was determined to give Steve McClaren the thoughts of an Ely City supporter: Although not personally bothered whether the England manager is from Yorkshire, Sweden or Neverland I do think that the amount of cash thrown at the position is disproportionate to […]

Details Of Ely Folk Festival 2007

With memories of the 2006 Ely Folk Festival still fresh in the mind, it’s time to announce the details the 22nd Festival to be held on 6th-8th July 2007. As always the committee have lined up a diverse range of artists that should appeal to anyone with an interest in folk. Acts such as The […]

Ely Folk Festival Review 2006

Once again the Ely Online Folk Boy Three got our annual dose of Folk at the 21st Ely Folk Festival. I was there to provide the words, Karl the pictures and Holly the spangly jumpers. Held over three days and three nights Ely Folk Festival has steadily grown (in size and stature) since its demure […]

Ely’s Forgotten Bands: Higher Breed

This feature was originally scheduled for inclusion in the 1st edition of a local magazine called Rhythm Town that John Glover and myself were to publish in 1991. Sadly the magazine progressed no further than a few interviews and some layouts. Recently I came across John’s interview with Ely band, Higher Breed. So published for […]

Ely City FC – Friendlies

Even though we’re only one match into the Test Cricket series, football is starting again. If you’re new to Ely and are a supporter of a Big Red Team (Arsenal, Man Utd or Liverpool), c’mon and try out a Little Red Team — Ely City: The Robins

Ely Folk Weekend Review 2005

Once again the Ely Online Folk Boy Three (plus new recruit, Holly), got our yearly dose of Folk Music at the 20th Ely Folk Weekend. I was there to provide the words, Karl the pictures, Holly the spangly hats and Lee the musician’s eye view of the proceedings.

Ely Folk Weekend 2005 Is Here!

Ely Onliners of the past few years may have seen my dodgy reviews [2000/02/03/04] of previous Folk Weekends. This year will be no different. From today (Friday 8th) to Sunday 10th of July, myself and the Ed will be found down at the site on Downham Road taking in the music, atmosphere and, hopefully, the […]

Horizontal Hold

Day Two of my football specials. I promise to talk about a wider variety of subjects in future: With the collapse of the ITV2 deal a couple of years ago and the resultant problems for Nationwide league clubs, football’s corporate money men have been left crying into their laptops. Some pundits have suggested that the […]

Robin Reliant

I support Ely City. When people ask me why, I say; because I’m a glory-hunter. No, it’s because they are only ten minutes down the road and I’ve lived in the Isle of Ely since I was an egg. As much as I love the game I can’t say I’d ever be the type to […]

Bull Shaving

With Whitsun fast approaching I’d like to share something with you all that I read in a dusty old parish magazine recently. It would appear that in Little Downham they had a singular way of celebrating the day. This quote is from an old gentleman in the village who remembers the tradition with startling clarity:

Bird On A Wire?

With the last votes being counted at great speed by inky-fingered civil servants, you’d reasonably expect today’s topic of conversation to be Tony Blair and his prospects for the next four years. But no, the subject that’s gnawing at me today is…old birds. For the past couple of years I’ve had a question that no-one […]

‘X’ Marks The Spot

People of Ely — use your vote wisely. Whether your colours are Red, Blue, Orange or Green, make your mark today and let’s have a 100% turn out. It’s no good complaining afterwards that the ‘wrong’ person was elected. I won’t reveal my own political allegiance but I can exclusively predict what will happen in […]

Steamin’ & A Rollin’

Morning — welcome to a damp squib of a Wednesday morning (or Tuesday if you’re one of those people who can’t adjust after a ‘Bankie’). All of us commuters who use the iron horse twixt Ely, Cambridge and London will have breathed a largish sigh of relief this morning as the trains, once more, began […]

The Cup That Cheers

Ely City FC lifted the Ridgeons League First Division Knock-Out Cup yesterday afternoon. The Robins beat teams such as March Town, Ipswich Wanderers and Stanway Rovers to earn their place in yesterday’s game, played at Recreation Way, Mildenhall. A large (for the division) crowd assembled in the sunshine to watch the match which was clinched […]

Ely Folk Weekend Review 2004

This, the 19th Ely Folk Weekend, was the fourth to be held at the Outdoor Centre and was, quite literally, the biggest yet. The main tent was wider than in previous years after the problems of overcrowding on the Saturday night last year. Also, another performance Marquee was added for ‘meet the band’ sessions to […]