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How To Win Euro 2008 On The Cheap

This hasn’t anything to do with Ely but after last night’s game I was determined to give Steve McClaren the thoughts of an Ely City supporter: Although not personally bothered whether the England manager is from Yorkshire, Sweden or Neverland I do think that the amount of cash thrown at the position is disproportionate to […]

Ely City FC – Friendlies

Even though we’re only one match into the Test Cricket series, football is starting again. If you’re new to Ely and are a supporter of a Big Red Team (Arsenal, Man Utd or Liverpool), c’mon and try out a Little Red Team – Ely City: The Robins

Bird On A Wire?

With the last votes being counted at great speed by inky-fingered civil servants, you’d reasonably expect today’s topic of conversation to be Tony Blair and his prospects for the next four years. But no, the subject that’s gnawing at me today is…old birds. For the past couple of years I’ve had a question that no-one […]