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Authorities Illegally Seizing Assets Of Incapacitated

My husband John Westwell for whom I have Power of Attorney – even with Power of Attorney I am treated as a criminal by Cambridge County Council. The attack has been relentless since he was sectioned in 1992 and has been under their ‘care’ ever since. The authorities refuse to provide NHS funding for his care home fees. I have been constantly under attack – with demands for care home fees, to complete assessment forms, and to sign an agreement with the threat of having to pay the full care home fees if I did not. I have asked for a copy of their Code of Practice – they do not have one.

Baebes In The Lady Chapel

Mediaeval Baebes, a stunning group of female vocalists who specialize in Mediaeval music, captured a packed audience in the Lady Chapel of Ely Cathedral with their astounding sounds. Their pure voices in perfectly gelled harmony and the impact of skilful instrumental support entranced the listeners with music that brought Mediaeval culture alive. With interesting descriptions […]

Brittle Women Review

Stretham Players certainly know how to entertain. In a packed house, the contrasting characters of Trisha (played by Barbara Gray), Liz (Carole Gentry), Viv (Maureen Hutter) and Mary (Donna Bright) bonded together delightfully in a skilfully written play by Lindsey McAuley. There was no doubt why the play called ‘Brittle Women’ was voted “Best New […]