George Bush’s Presidency – 8 Years In 8 Minutes

Today President-elect Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States of America. With so much expectation now on the shoulders of President Obama it seemed a good time to reflect on President Bush’s 8 years of hell. MSNBC’s Countdown show aired a segment detailing Bush’s 8 years in 8 minutes.

How To Win Euro 2008 On The Cheap

This hasn’t anything to do with Ely but after last night’s game I was determined to give Steve McClaren the thoughts of an Ely City supporter:

Although not personally bothered whether the England manager is from Yorkshire, Sweden or Neverland I do think that the amount of cash thrown at the position is disproportionate to the rewards. Apparently, it cost about £15,000,000 over five years for Sven GE to transform a Top 8 national side into a…er…Top 8 side. Up and down the country millions of would be managers ground their teeth as Sven made unpopular decisions. To a man they all thought they could do a better job. Well, I humbly suggest, their time has come.
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Potential Christmas Number One?

I don’t normally have too much time for Christmas single releases these days but I heard rumor that the track ‘JCB’ by the wonderful ‘Nizlopi‘ is to be released as a potential contender for the all-important Christmas number one. I have had their CD, ‘Half These Songs Are About You’, a while now and by far the standout track is ‘JCB’. Folk Pop at its best!

Enough of my ramblings have a listen and let me know what you think. It will probably struggle with the majors but it would be nice to see it chart, lets face it, the awful X Factor will likely be number one. Oh joy!


You will probably need broadband to listen to this, sorry.

You should visit their website: Nizlopi Website

Bird On A Wire?

With the last votes being counted at great speed by inky-fingered civil servants, you’d reasonably expect today’s topic of conversation to be Tony Blair and his prospects for the next four years. But no, the subject that’s gnawing at me today is…old birds. For the past couple of years I’ve had a question that no-one has been able to answer for me: ‘Where do old birds go?’

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Tony Blair Can’t Win

As election day is virtually upon us I thought I would share this email I received today from American, Greg Palast. This will be my one and only posting on the election.

Mark my words: Tony Blair won’t be re-elected on Thursday. However, he will remain in office.

That’s because Brits don’t vote for their Prime Minister. They’ve got a “parliamentary” system there in the Mother Country. And the difference between democracy and parliamentary rule makes all the difference. It is the only reason why Blair will keep his job — at least for a few months.

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Steamin’ & A Rollin’

Morning – welcome to a damp squib of a Wednesday morning (or Tuesday if you’re one of those people who can’t adjust after a ‘Bankie’). All of us commuters who use the iron horse twixt Ely, Cambridge and London will have breathed a largish sigh of relief this morning as the trains, once more, began to roll. Due to engineering works between Friday morning and the early hours of today, WAGN have been running a replacement bus service. I’m not quite sure what the aim of the engineering work was but I hope they’ve straightened out the rails at the section near Little Thetford. You’ll know that part of the line – it’s where you’re thrown from one side of the carriage to the other if you’re standing.