A Nation Of Sissies

Image: Memorials

We are fast becoming a nation of sissies! It isn’t enough that bad things happen, we now have to celebrate, commemorate and venerate every last detail of any bad thing no matter how big or small that bad thing was — just so long as the media can film it!

Where is the courage and fortitude folk used to have in the face of heartbreak or misfortune? Where is the stiff upper lip shown by previous generations through comparable pains?

Strangers who feel compelled to lay flowers at the site of someone’s death — a someone they never knew — are filling a void in their lives that has nothing to do with the tragedy, the dead person or the media sensationalism.

We need to get a grip and get a hold of ourselves!

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 34

Image: Fat Bastard

Why is being honest regarded as being antisocial? Why do I constantly have to defend my “frankness� when I am accosted by a large person, asked if I mind someone cutting in or tolerating bad service at a restaurant?

I don’t consider it rude to be straightforward yet I am sometimes regarded as an outcast because I will say something to a large person shoving their weight around or no to being asked if someone can cut in because they think their needs are more important than anyone else’s. And I’ll insist on being served a full cup of coffee if I am to be charged the full price!

And the gods should forbid I ever object to a fatty sitting in their car eating while the queue of motorists waiting for the petrol pump to become free grows ever longer!

I mean, wouldn’t the world be a much nicer place if we all spoke our minds without the fear of being branded as a social pariah?

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 33

I am curious about the impact swearing has on some people. And I wonder who governs what is or isn’t considered a swear word. For the most part, I deem language, bad or otherwise, to be a personal choice similar to religion, politics and vegetarianism. But some meddlesome folk are just hell bent on ridding the world of the “F” word! Such folk might find it easier to rid the world of starvation!

And youths of today are being punished with classical music … and it’s about time! Lord knows we adults have had to put up with the vulgar sounds of Gangsta Rap for long enough – turn a bout’s fair play!

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 31

Image: Retail Sales

I’ve had little time this week to do much more than walk from shop to shop and complain. It feels as though I’ve spent more time dealing with idiot sales people than I’ve dealt with computer problems … and that’s saying something. To date, I have crashed 4 computers and owned 6. The head count for idiotic counterjumpers is incalculable!
One High Street chain in particular (the name of which is more in keeping with hot spicy food than electrical appliances) earns my eternal scorn and criticism for their less than helpful customer service – on more than one occasion …

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 30

Image: Big Brother 2005

Watching Television Programmes such as Big Brother can seriously damage your health. If you are in any doubt just ask someone who has watched every episode of every series since the mind-numbing nonsense first hit our screens! The tell-tale signs are an inability to use words of more than five letters, a blank stare while you are talking and a tendency to utter the phrase “like awesome manâ€? and use the word “wayâ€? in place of very … continuously. And if that person can utter a sentence without saying “likeâ€? every other word, twirl their hair while they talk and blow bubbles with their hubba-bubba, then they’re not true devotees.
And I continue carping on about the pointlessness of ID cards and finish off this week’s bitch-fest with further comments concerning the plight of Ely.

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 29

Image: Ely Parking Charges

As usual the local council has prompted a bewildered … “What the hell …?â€? from me. I swear It’s almost as though someone somewhere has it in for little ole Ely. Because once again the squad has let down the Ely traders (and
patrons) with yet another line of attack. Next we’ll be reading that shoppers are banned from the shops or that pavements are to be removed due to the cracks!
So for me, it’s all about the parking this week. And for a light hearted chuckle at my expense I have included an article I recently came across depicting the ultimate American tourist (with expressed permission, I might add)!

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 28

Image: The Terror Suspects

We are only prepared when we have prepared ourselves for the worst. We are only ready when we have rehearsed for every possible occurrence. We only succeed when no opponent is left standing … Anonymous

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 27

This week’s articles cover everything from the Olympics to McDonalds … and fear not, I even managed to get in another dig at the government!

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Anne’s View Uncut – Week 26

This week I grumble about the government’s illogical version of a store card and the fact that mobile phones are becoming so technical that soon you’ll need a pilots license just to phone home …

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The Righteous Non-Smokers

This week I’ve focused on the righteous non-smokers (not to be confused with us mere non-smokers), the “new”? Ely market square that’s sure to look old and the junk we women are intimidated into buying in our never-ending search for youth!

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Hereward Pub – Why All The Controversy?

Image: The Hereward Pub

There’s The Cutter Inn, The Fenman Bar, The Fountain, The Kings Arms, The Minster Tavern, The Prince Albert, The Royal Standard, The Town House, Deans, Pure, Bar Zest and the West End in Ely – forgive me if I’ve forgotten anyone.
And do any of these pubs or clubs admit children on a regular basis? And do we really need these pubs or clubs to admit children on a regular basis? It begs the question then why all the controversy over the new Hereward Pub and its over 18’s only policy?

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Terror-Ready or Game Hosts?

Image: London Olympic Village

It’s good to be back. I took an unexpected sojourn through ill health, moving house and decorating. But I have returned and I’m ready to vent my spleen once again …
I’d like to state up front that should any of the readers be easily offended, affronted by my straightforwardness, or just irked by my honesty, feel free to either write me about it or read someone else’s article.

I’ve noticed that the more we boost the terrorist-awareness in this country, the more the government campaigns for the 2012 Olympics to be held in London.

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