Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 3

Image: Drive-thru liquor stores

We don’t give a lot of thought to the idea of being homeless nor the possible causes. I hate to admit it, but most of us are callous when we see someone begging for money. There are documented cases of people who beg as a form of ‘non-taxable’ income and after hours of standing on the street corner, they typically get into their cars and stop at a liquor store drive thru on their way home (Yes, we actually have drive-through booze counters over here – usually with a giant ‘Drive-Thru’ painted on the side by someone too inebriated to spell ‘through’. Conversely, we also have strict laws prohibiting unsealed alcohol containers inside a vehicle. This certainly overrides all temptation to drink and drive, don’t you think?). I believe this desensitizes many people who would be otherwise sympathetic to the plight of those less fortunate. I have recently heard that in England, begging from and care for the poor is monitored and regulated in order to help prevent such fraud and possible associated criminal activity.

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The Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

Image: Hurricane Katrina

Technology and wealth are no match for the forces of nature. I had originally decided against writing anything about the Katrina hurricane disaster that hammered the US Gulf coast. I tend to write and put a satirical or humorous twist on things, but I find nothing at all humorous about the disaster or the events as they have played out during the past few weeks.

And even if this is devoid of things mirth worthy, there is plenty of irony and “funny hows.”? Funny as in sad, tragic.

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Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 2

Hello again Ely, greetings from across the big pond!

I continue to receive comments regarding the perception of American travellers and it seems that overwhelmingly, my fellow countrymen (and women) are appalled by “those� Americans travelling abroad. This week was also curious as I encountered a distracted driver on the road. I wonder if folks on your side of the Atlantic have similar problems? Oh, and things are looking brighter, as in better, for our burning desert.

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Lester Pete … from America – Chapter 1

Image: Phoenix, AZ

Ely Online welcomes American columnist Lester Pete. OK Lester, introduce yourself…

My name is Lester Pete. I was born and raised in the South Western region of the United States. Much of my education and upbringing has been Ameri-centric and as such, I have a tendency to see things as an American (go figure). I have traveled through much of North America, taken a trip to Denmark and also played in the South Pacific. I hope to visit the United Kingdom in the not too distant future.

As we venture forward, I would like to share local events from my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona USA as well as my spin on various world events.

I have a personal belief that underneath our individual cultures, people from across the globe are very much alike. We just see and experience things with a little different “flavour� (see, I can be taught) I hope that the upcoming journey in these pages will become a beginning of the realization of truth to my belief. This column will help me learn about you and perhaps show you a little about me and who I am – you know, in case there is need to close the borders when I purchase my plane ticket on British Airways – there is a non-stop from Phoenix to London – scary, huh?

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