Spotlight On: Ely Museum

Ely Online’s ‘Spotlight On’ is an occasional series that aims to unlock the secrets of the city, leading you to places of interest that most people don’t realise exist or just plain ignore, revealing little known facts about even the more famous landmarks of Ely City.

Image: Ely Museum

This month Ely Online points it’s spotlight on Ely Museum, housed in the Old Bishop’s Gaol in Market Street.
The museum is an attestation to Ely’s glorious past but have you ever actually visited Ely Museum? If the answer is no, you are missing out on some fabulous exhibits.

The museum itself is housed in a truly historical building, The Old Bishop’s Gaol, one of the oldest buildings in Ely, dating from the 13th Century, it has been a private house, a Tavern, a Registry Office and the Bishop’s Gaol. In 1997 the building was renovated, though much of the buildings history can still be seen, including prisoners graffiti, hidden doorways and original planking on the walls.
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