Money approved to improve communities

Tue, 11/26/2013

Grants to ensure Christmas lights could shine, there is extra space at the Pavilion in Cheveley and resurfacing the play area in Bottisham have been approved.

At Community and Environment Committee at East Cambridgeshire District Council, Councillors agreed funding for the following projects from the East Cambridgeshire Community Facilities Small Villages and Section 106 Grant Funds:

The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Money approved to improve communities

Eastern promise for Soham’s future





Residents are set to have their say on what they think of future development of the Eastern Gateway area of Soham. 

At an exhibition between 2pm and 8pm on Monday 6 December at the Walter Gidney Pavilion in Soham, local people can come along and see different options for the Gateway area and make comments.

The site, identified in the Soham Masterplan Vision and Core Strategy for future development, is currently 30 hectares of mainly farmland.

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The full ECDC press release can be viewed here:Eastern promise for Soham’s future